IPI Vision and Team

Our vision is to be the world’s first choice inflatable packer company.

Founded in 1999 in Perth, Western Australia, by Clem Rowe to design and manufacture inflatable packer based down-hole tools to the international marketplace, IPI has since developed a world-wide presence. IPI delivers world-class service in striving to achieve its vision, as many of our clients (most of whom are service companies or consulting engineers) would agree.

IPI is primarily a manufacturer but can provide on-site services if required, especially for training purposes.

The IPI team

ipi team

IPI is a multi-national team of engineers, tradesmen, apprentices, and other professionals – photo May 2016.

IPI Directors - Brief Bios

Clem Rowe

Clem is the Managing Director of IPI, which he founded in 1999. A Western Australian with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Curtin University, he is one of the world’s leading authorities on inflatable packers. Clem started engineering inflatable packers for a small Western Australian company in 1988. Early in his career, Clem worked in offshore engineering in Western Australia and France.

Clem has grown IPI from a small Western Australian manufacturing operation in 1999 to the world-wide manufacturing and distribution organization that it is today by carefully selecting a competent team that shares his values of quality, innovation and customer service.

Clem is a member of the Institute of the Hydrologists, the Institution of Engineers, Australia and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Howard Kenworthy

Howard is the Commercial Director of IPI, joining in 2005 from the UK. Howard’s role in the commercial development of IPI has involved building the portfolio of products from IPI’s wide range of custom made solutions as well as organizational developments, including building up IPI’s overseas network.

Howard has an MA in PPE from Oxford University and an MBA from Bradford University School of Management. Prior to IPI he had a 20 year career in retail financial services in the UK where he held several directorships in public companies, including being the first managing director of a highly successful retail credit business. Howard is an IPI shareholder and its Australian resident director.

Dave Knell

Dave is IPI’s Operations Director and a shareholder. His career with inflatable packers started as an apprentice in 1986, then field services manager, responsible for installations of mainly water well and offshore applications. .He was production team leader for building and testing the 26-tonne Goodwin A pile reforming packers, designed by Clem, which are believed to be the largest high-pressure packers ever constructed.

Dave is a qualified fitter and turner and a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Dave runs IPI’s Perth workshops and field operations. He has led IPI’s workshop developments, including in-house CNC operations and new packer research, development and production. Dave’s practical experience in the manufacturing and application of down-hole tools is a key factor, with a team he has trained himself, in delivering many of IPI’s successful product designs.

Joel Adams

Joel is Managing Director of IPI’s North American operation (covering USA and Canada). He has over 20 years experience as a consulting hydrogeologist in Europe and North America. As a previous customer of Clem’s, Joel was instrumental in the development of numerous down-hole tools using inflatable packers. His consulting activities focused on water rights, water resources, site characterization for disposal of nuclear and hazardous waste, mining, and fractured rock hydrology.

Joel has a Master of Science degree in Hydrology from the University of Idaho, and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wyoming. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Joel established IPI Well Products LLC in 2008 to introduce IPI products to N. America. In January 2011, the business transferred to Inflatable Packers International LLC, which has recently opened a new office/warehouse facility in Red Lodge Montana.

Jordi Costa

Managing Director of IPI LA. Jordi is a Spanish Civil and Hydraulic Engineer (University of Barcelona) who has worked for over twenty-years in the Water industry, including a Water Contractor, a Water Concessionaire, the British Hydraulic Research Institute and Equipment Manufacturers from Spain, Britain and Chile.

He holds an MBA from European University (Belgium), a Master on Environmental Management from E.A.E.M.E (European Association on Environmental Management Education) and PhD Civil Engineering courses. Member of the Spanish Civil Engineering Association (C.I.C.C.P) and the European Environmental Management Association (E.E.M.A.)

IPI and Jordi joined forces in 2008 to set up “IPI Latin America S.A”, a Chilean- registered IPI subsidiary for the Latin American markets. He owns 50% of IPI LA and has been a Chilean resident since 2004


IPI – our vision is to be the world’s first choice inflatable packer company.

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