IPI –Market Leader for high performance Inflatable Packers in Custom Made, Mining and Geotechnical applications.

  • Permeability
  • Rock Stress
  • Monitoring

IPI packers are the tool of choice for geotechnical investigations such as permeability, rock stress, and grouting feasibility. Built to be compatible with the most common borehole sizes in the industry, IPI packer systems reflect attention to detail, such as our flush-diameter straddle design that minimizes risk of hanging up in the hole. With packer technology capable of 150 ºC or 15,000 psi (not concurrent) IPI equipment is also very suited for geothermal testing projects. Leading consultants and drilling companies around the world rely on IPI for solutions. Many tool types are available for rental.

  • Standard Wireline Packer System (SWiPS®) through-the-bit wire line hydraulic packer system is now the world leader for permeability testing in deep and demanding core holes.  Available as standard for “P”, “H” and “N” sizes, in modular single / straddle formats. Straddles from 1m to 10m length with optional memory gauge carriers. Modular, compact and simple, SWiPS® makes testing possible where gas inflate can't. "H" size can be readily adapted for "P" size wells with 70mm elements and "B" wells can be tested in non wireline format. 

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SWIPS Israel 029

Datalogger Flow Meter Skids connected to a laptop in the Drill Shack on a 700 meter deep investigation.

  • STX-60 Well Testing Tool with an integral down-hole shut-in capability and setting tool, enabling both more advanced permeability testing (e.g. IFO) and multiple straddle testing in one trip (making significant operational savings). Can be run on rods or through-the-bit in P and H sized wire line systems or on rods for N size. Modular single/straddle format with a wide range of packer options - including medium pressure SWiPS® series and high pressure versions for rock stress testing. Can circulate while testing and check rods integrity prior to testing. 

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  • ST Well Testing Tools are larger versions of the STX60 but only run on rods (tubing). A 10,000 psi version of the ST114 is now available. Extensively used in the Coal Bed Methane Industry for DFIT and IFO testing, these tools are used for such as CO2 Sequestration projects and others requiring "Mini Frac" testing. 

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OEM and Custom Solutions using a streamlined design & manufacturing approach. Our design team draws from many years of experience in providing cost-effective solutions that work. Regular interface with the customer is integral to the development process. We pride ourselves in being responsive to our customers' needs and in standing behind our products.

IPI –Market Leader for high performance Inflatable Packers in Custom Made, Mining and Geotechnical applications.


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