Hydraulic Fracturing

“Fracking needs packing”

IPI DuraFRAC® Hydraulic Fracturing System are multi-set open-hole packer, built to withstand the extreme demands of high-pressure (up to 15,000 psi) hydraulic fracturing for:

  • Block Cave Mining,
  • Rock Stress Testing,
  • Water Well Hydro-Fracking,
  • Rockburst Prevention

durafrac 5-14DuraFRAC® HP Straddle is the market leader for hydraulic pre-conditioning in block cave mining, an extremely demanding application. Packer life is dependent on many factors; however one user reports that the average life of DuraFRAC® HP Straddle elements exceeds 200 frack-sets per element. No other inflatable packer achieves this benchmark of performance in the mining industry, which explains why DuraFRAC® is the market leader in block cave miningStraddles now come with an optional auto inflate valve which dispenses with the need for a separate inflation hose.

DuraFRAC® Hydro packer assemblies and replacement elements for water well enhancement have re-defined what users expect from a packer. If getting more fracks per element is your definition of a great packer, then move over to DuraFRAC®. For users that have a hydro-fracturing hardware and just need replacement elements - DuraFRAC® elements fit most manufacturers' hardware.

DuraFRAC® Mini packers are used for in-situ rock stress testing with tools up to 53mm diameter. Our flush-diameter straddle system design minimizes the risk of hanging up in the borehole and can be fitted with downhole pressure gauges and impression packers for getting the most out of testing efforts.

Dual Wall Frac Pipe is also available as an option dispense to dispense with inflation hose.

ST Well Testing Tools and STX60 can also be used for Mini Frac, "Hydrojacking" and other forms of Hydraulic Fracturing. 

"I've got 500+ water well fracs on a single IPI packer and it is still going strong – DuraFRAC®Hydro are the longest lasting, fastest deflating packers I have ever used" – Jim McDonald, Starr Hydrofracture Inc.

“Fracking needs packing”

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