Well Completion and Repair

riserlessnzIPI – our vision is to be the world’s first choice inflatable packer company

IPI provides solutions for well completion, production and repair that have been developed in the deep and demanding conditions of Western Australia over the past decades and are now available to the world:

  • Oilfield style and standard Inflatable Casing Packers (ICP's) more commonly referred to in the industry as External Casing Packers [ECP's]. Click here for ICP popup animation. *animation-icon24
  • Slip on Casing Packers (SOCP's) for shallow setting without valving or casing perforation. Proven offshore in Australia on gas wells over three decades for cement assurance in poor formations.
  • One Shot Cementing System Click here for One Shot Cementing System popup animation. * for efficient and effective well completion, run with a setting tool, no need to drill out the baffle. Mainly used in water well, can include the screen.
  • Single Set Retrievable Packer for cement squeeze and other applications
  • IMR (Inflatable Mechanical Retrievable) packers for setting screens in water wells that facilitate future removal.
  • Water Well Completion System which consist of Grab Packers with either IMR or MMR Packers.
  • DuraFRAC® Hydro heavy duty packers for water well "Hydro-fracturing". Designed to fit on most existing commercial systems, these packers are built to last under demanding conditions.
  • Riserless Pump System for eliminating costly riser pipe in deep production wells.
  • Inflatalok ™ [Patent Pending] is a combined inflatable seal and hydraulically set anchor, providing superior flexibility during the installation of Insert Progressive Capacity Pumps (I-PCP), as it mitigates the need for a Pump Seat Nipples (PSN). 
  • Ask us for special packer configurations for a variety of ways to meet the demanding specifications for municipal and industrial water wells, such as selective zone production (i.e. "blanking off" discrete zones that produce arsenic or other contaminants).
  • Precision SWAGE Casing Patch System for well rehabilitation, repair and zonal isolation.
  • Remedial Cementing Packer (RCP) is a retrievable, open hole, squeeze cementing packer enabling remedial cementing during drilling operations.

IPI – our vision is to be the world’s first choice inflatable packer company

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