Well Testing

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hq swips system partly inflated verticalPermeability Testing - DST - DFIT - Aquifer Testing - Tight Formations - Casing Integrity

IPI specializes in integrated systems for well testing. Standard products include:

  • ST Well Test Tools are built around our 4-stage down-hole valve that is activated by axial movement – no rotation – no inflation lines. Drop balls are only an option for tripping out the rods dry. The system is suited for coiled tubing or threaded tubing deployment and can undertake IFO, DFIT, DST, Minifrac and Casing Integrity testing.   
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  • Portable Flow Meter Skids to support the above tools for inflation and injection, to 10,000 psi, with datalogger capability on most models.

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If a standard system does not meet your needs, IPI is renowned for engineering efficient and effective solutions to customer specifications. A streamlined design and build approach coupled with extensive experience enables IPI to meet customer's needs with minimal lead time.

Made Differently - Perform Better



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