Australia – world class water well engineering

Well Completion – "Hydro"Fracturing - Aquifer Testing – Monitoring

IPI has a long history with water well technology for municipal, oil and gas, mining, energy and construction, including monitoring and dewatering. IPI provides solutions for well completion, production and repair that have been developed to high engineering standards for the deep and demanding conditions of Western Australia:

  • OneSHOT Click here for One Shot Cementing System popup animation. * screen and casing system for efficient and effective well completion.
  • DuraFRAC® Hydro heavy duty packers for water well "Hydro-fracturing". Designed to fit on most existing commercial systems, these packers are built to last under demanding conditions.
  • Inflatable ESP Packer System (I-ESP) is a very effective way of improving pumping economics by dispensing with the riser. Other configurations satisfy a variety of ways to meet the demanding specifications for municipal and industrial water wells, such as selective zone production (i.e. "blanking off" discrete zones that produce arsenic or other contaminants).

Riserless Pump NZ 3 2

6" Riserless Pump System being deployed at a rural location in  New Zealand

IPI OEM and Custom Solutions use a streamlined design & manufacturing approach. Our design team draws from many years of experience in providing cost-effective solutions that work. Regular interface with the customer is integral to the development process. We pride ourselves in being responsive to our customers' needs and in standing behind our products.

Australia – world class water well engineering


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